Tuesday, 28 October 2008

When boredom strikes...

I personally take to ranting, raving & indeed, talking to and/or at anyone who'll listen

Here I sit, in town I don't know, in a house I'm not familiar with, with remote controls I can't bloody operate.

Its a sodding miracle I managed to find my own blog on J's silly vista-using PC

I have found myself in this situation due to J being asleep, the urge to hit him with a large stuffed hedgehog subsided long enough for me to wander downstairs and twist my face into many a confused look trying to get the freaking mouse to turn on (wireless, with a sleep mode and 6 buttons it turns out)

Even the blasted dog, Snowy, has abandoned me, mainly because I have no biscuits, I don't like playing with her chew toy & I'm not very fond of being sat on (But hey, what can I say, I'm a Squirrel person, sod the Cat Vs Dog debate)

I'd go entertain myself with my new mastered skill of Guitar Hero on the Wii, but I have more chance of protecting a sandwich from my brother than finding out how to turn J's TV on

So I shall sit here, with cold feet, no rice milk for a cup of tea, and no clue what to do...

....On second thoughts, where did I put that large stuffed Hedgehog.....

Friday, 24 November 2006


My Christmas present arrived today, which amazed me as the last thing i ordered from that site took about 6 weeks, this item took about a week and a half ^^

for anyone interested, its these which i absolutely adore, they're lightweight despite they're heavy look, completely vegetarian/vegan & they fit me fine, which is always a worry when you order footwear/clothing from a website & they're warm and comfortable which is a must have since I'm walking about train stations in the winter nowadays

I'm gonna wear them til they fall apart, and probably til a little bit after that ^^

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Body modifcation!

i had an interesting debate last night about body art & modification

on the one side we had Toms argument that it was just for attention and peer pressure, to get in with the right crowds, that's why there are more people with pierced faces/ears as apposed to somewhere unseen with spare skin to Peirce (in his words "like the elbow")

Where as Ali had the view that: 1 - facial piercings are safer to pierce and heal faster, if any, and 2 - just because it happens to be on the face doesn't mean its for attention, for every nose or cartilage piercing there's probably another stomach or nipple piercing, just because you don't see them how is it any different?

And my spin on this sort of thing is more philosophical, why leave a canvas blank? or worse still why paint an amazing picture then cover it up

The thing is everyone has they're different opinions on this sort of thing, tom repeatedly claimed i was trying to justify my own actions, i myself don't feel the need to justify anything i do, and why should i?

painting and sketching is a form of expression and customization, decorating a house is to customize it, even the picture on your desktop is something you like - a part of you, so why are piercings, tattoo's, carvings and the like frowned upon so regularly when in fact, they are no different?

i think of my body a blank canvas,so why leave it that way? i consider what I'm doing to be a sketch only just starting, its not for me to predict how the picture will turn out, but I'll still keep drawing it

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Well hello there

This just happens to be a little introduction type thingy - so here goes

I'm commonly known as Zara (sometimes nicknamed Jesus for unexplainable reasons), I'm a home educated 14 year old teenage girl with incredibly strong opinions of the world with a love for all things shiny

Daughter of the mad bint over at Sometimes Its Peaceful and the genius who listens to her rant when someone throws her shopping at her

Things i couldn't live without are: pencil eyeliner, my ipod, paper and pencil, no one to rant at, hair-dye, old music, my 5 piercings, my 20-odd bracelets bangles & rings i wear all at once, mascara, bunny ears, fingerless gloves & last but not least my insane family

I have a love for all things interesting and individual, ranging from old to new, if its got a great story, I'm into it

I'm interested in different points of view, arguing of any form - never more alive than in a heated debate, art - love sketching and pixellating, as the title of this blog suggests - philosophy, finding out what makes people tick & finally body art (E.G piercings, tattoo's, interesting make-up and the likes)

Well that's all for now folks, will be waffling on again in the near future

TTFN, keep thinking!